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We were really impressed with Winner Picker and the approach Fonix took to help us achieve our goals.

Sharan Rattan,
Head of Mobile Payment Services, Three

The easy way to pick competition winners

When a competition is over there is still some work to be done - a winner needs to be picked!

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The traditional way of putting names in a hat to pick a winner can prove time consuming, particularly when you have hundreds, thousands or millions of entries. Three needed a fully auditable solution for selecting competition winners quickly.

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Three used Fonix’s Winner Picker platform for its Feel At Home SMS competition. The competition asked entrants to Text ‘FAH’ to shortcode 64333 at a cost of £1.50 plus standard message – alternatively it was possible to enter by sending a postcard.

Three offered three prizes, for one lucky winner. £18,000 cash, £5,000 Flight Centre vouchers and an LG entertainment package. Winner Picker enabled Three to easily select the winner at random.

Winner Picker ensured that the whole picking process was fair by picking a winner entirely at random. By design it was also impossible for the result of the draw to change as the only way to draw again is to conduct another draw.



With a comprehensive audit trial in place, the whole process proved to be fully transparent during the competition and after the winner was picked.