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We're delighted with the sales uplift at tastecard. Fonix have made taking mobile payments a simple and seamless experience, allowing us to fully optimise our success.

Kevin Judge,
CTO, tastecard

Working smarter and faster to increase customer acquisition

Tastecard is an exclusive members programme offering its members discounts on food in over 6,500 restaurants across the UK. The programme currently has 3m members spending in excess of £600m annually in the restaurants signed up to the service.

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Fonix and tastecard looked at the opportunity to integrate Carrier Billing into the payment process at the tastecard membership sign up pages to encourage conversions through a simple 2 step process.

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Using Fonix’s Carrier Billing platform, tastecard were able to deliver a membership subscription service that launched in October 2015.

Prior to deploying Carrier Billing, tastecard used credit/debit cards and Paypal. Now they have a more frictionless payment method and the competitive advantage to match.

Carrier Billing helps customers make a fast decision and commit to a becoming a member by purchasing a membership directly from their mobile.



increase in
new membership

Carrier Billing is suited to the high volume, low
value transactions that tastecard adopt.

A low-cost, low-friction, route to new membership.

Carrier Billing solution reduced cart abandonment.

30% uplight in new monthly memberships.