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Fonix have provided a fantastic technology and support function to the charity. Fonix’s platform continues to demonstrate its ability to handle mass volumes of donations and generate ground-breaking fundraising to support our cause to help vulnerable people in the UK and around the world.

Jules Thorne,
Programme Manager at Sport Relief

Sport Relief hits a high note with mobile donations powered by Fonix

The biennial Sport Relief campaign raises money to help people in the UK and across the world to live happier, healthier, safer lives.

Since the successful delivery of Red Nose Day 2015, Fonix has also supported the Sport Relief and Red Nose Day campaigns, using SMS billing and campaign management platforms to power the mobile donation channel

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The aim of the campaign was to drive mobile donations. Sport Relief 2020 needed a solution that was able to process all of its hundreds of thousands of mobile donations with the flexibility to build and integrate with existing Sport Relief solutions. Fonix’s close working relationship with the charity, combined with their experience in charity sector and across broadcast campaigns, clearly made Fonix the provider of choice.

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The campaign, promoted across TV, radio, print and online channels as well as at flagship events across the country, came to a head with a celeb-filled night of TV on Friday 13th March.

The campaign allowed people to donate to the appeal by sending a text message to a short, five-digit code.The platform allowed consumers to donate either £5, £10, £20 or £30 amounts via mobile payment, as well as giving the option to add Gift Aid at no extra cost to donors.

Capitalising on Fonix’s mobile marketing and data analytics, Sport Relief sent a Gift Aid reminder messages to all those who had not provided Gift Aid declarations to drive further revenue generation and boost the campaign results.



£40,540,355 raised for
causes by the end
of the live TV show.