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It’s been exciting working with Fonix to offer new experiences and donation mechanisms to supporters and we are delighted that year’s campaign was such a success.

Catherine Cottrell,
Executive Director of Fundraising & Partnerships at Comic Relief

Red Nose Day 2019 raised over £10 Million in SMS donations

The Red Nose Day campaign, which runs every other year, raises money to help people here in the UK and around the world. Fonix has been working with Comic Relief since 2015, for both the Red Nose Day and Sport Relief campaigns to provide the platform to power mobile donations

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The aim was to raise as much as possible via text-to-donate for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

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The campaign allowed people to donate to the appeal by sending a text message to a short, five digit code, and this was promoted for the duration of the live show and during the series of Red Nose Day programmes such as the Kilimanjaro challenge. For the 2019 campaign a new tariff was introduced: donors were allowed to donate £30 via text to Red Nose Day for the very first time, alongside the conventional £5 and £10 price point and the £20 price point which was introduced in 2017.

Another element was introduced where the public could donate by entering a competition on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. Using Fonix’s delayed donation system, entrants could pay £5 to enter the competition and then decide whether to make a donation, or opt-out within 60 minutes of entering the competition.



raised via SMS
for Red Nose Day 2019