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When we launched this challenge, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to create amazing meals using fresh fruit and veggies, as well as providing them with a great experience along the way - Fonix’s payment and messaging platform allowed us to achieve exactly this!

Linda Davidson,
Director, Digital Product, Jamie Oliver

Fonix powers billing and messaging for Jamie Oliver’s 5-day veggie challenge

In May 2018, Jamie Oliver introduced the public to the 5-day Veggie Challenge: a healthy, vegetarian meal plan which participants were tasked with following for five days.

Jamie encouraged participants to swap out meat for fresh veggies, providing new recipes, a shopping list and extra tips and information for those who pay £2 to take part. During the challenge, recipes were sent every morning containing the day’s meat-free meals, along with extra tips and videos for a super-tasty day.

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Jamie Oliver wanted to ensure that the maximum number of people were able to participate in the challenge to enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle. The colourful meal plan guaranteed at least five portions of veg and fruit each day, plus a healthy balance of all the main food groups and nutrients.

To get the meal plans across to challengers, they needed to ensure that the payment process for signing up to the challenge was as slick as possible; complicated payment processes simply put consumers off and can often result in cart abandonment.

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Fonix provided Jamie Oliver with a carrier billing solution, allowing consumers to pay in just a few taps on their mobile phones. The £2 micropayment price point made carrier billing the sweet spot for this solution.

Those wanting to get involved had the option to simply sign up and have the £2 charged to their mobile phone bill, instead of having to enter their credit card details. Plus, through Fonix’s messaging platform, Jamie was in touch throughout the week to share even more veggie inspiration.



ditched meat

Thousands of challengers ditched meat altogether for a week and launched the 5-day veggie challenge

A simple way for challengers to pay for content

Reliably recieve their recipes and motivational messages

public upping their vegetable intake and being less reliant on animal products