Ann Cook, Director of Interactive and Managing Director of ITL, ITV, said: “Our partnership with Fonix has allowed us to provide a really unique customer experience for our mobile interactive services online. As our audiences continue to consume our content across multiple platforms and devices, we continue to adapt to provide them with the best experience - this is exactly what Fonix and the mobile networks have achieved with great success by delivering a platform that allows consumers to pay to enter directly through their phone bill.

Carrier billing operates across ITV’s consumer competition and interactive formats

ITV is home to many high-profile shows, such as Good Morning Britain, This Morning, The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor.

The ITV competition portal,, enables consumers to enter competitions online. The product that Fonix have provided ITV, extends the user experience across multiple devices, giving audiences more choice in how they engage with ITV’s shows.


The introduction of the portal was all about giving viewers the best possible user experience when entering competitions and enabling them to see all the competitions available in one place. The payment process was such an important part of this - a poor user experience when it comes to making payments can result in cart abandonment. Therefore, ITV needed a solution to ensure that payments within their portal were as frictionless as possible.


Fonix worked with ITV to add a carrier billing payment mechanic to the ITV portal. This allows consumers to log in and enter competitions, using their mobile number as their username.

Consumers then need to confirm that they want to charge the competition entry to their mobile phone bill. Consumers then receive a receipt message via text to inform them that their competition entry has been successful.

Moreover, this solution makes multiple entries also much easier, allowing consumers to select the number of entries they want, and click to confirm. This avoids having to send individual premium SMS entries and re-enter the keyword, making another phone call or sending another postal entry.


Fonix’s Carrier Billing solution has allowed for a significant reduction in friction during the payment process and an increase in competition revenue of tens of thousands of pounds per month.

By adding a new route for competition entries, ITV has seen that as multiple entries are easier, the average number of entries per person via direct carrier billing has increased significantly.

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