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From start to finish, Fonix were instrumental in providing high quality insight and guidance into how we could achieve our goals of driving more value from already engaged givers.

Roll on our next campaign!

Emma Bradley,
Director of Global Goodness, Global

Helping Global’s Make Some Noise to raise money through mobile donations

Global's Make Some Noise is a national charity that supports small but brilliant projects across the UK. They support specially selected projects up and down the country, which deliver life-changing work to youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity.

For the 2019 Make Some Noise campaigns, the Global family: Heart, Capital Xtra, Classic, Gold, LBC, Radio X and Smooth all teamed up to raise money and give a voice to 32 charities that don’t get heard.

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For the 2019 campaign, Global’s Make Some Noise needed a secure, efficient and simple mobile donation solution that would drive more value from already engaged givers to maximise the amount of money raised.

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The campaign utilised Fonix’s mobile billing technology and included regional campaigns, the Chris Moyles Pubcast and the main appeal itself which aired on Friday 6th October.

Regional campaigns were more focussed on certain competitions by station ‘Giving people what they wanted’, for example the chance to meet Little Mix who were performing locally.

The Chris Moyles Show team spent an afternoon in the pub for a special charity podcast for Global’s Make Some Noise. You could download or stream The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast by texting PUB to 83936. For the 2019 Pubcast, SMS was used for the very first time. Using Fonix’s delayed donation technology, a voluntary £5 donation went to Global’s Make Some Noise, consumers could text “CANCEL” to opt out of this. A huge 88% of Pubcast listeners donated.

For the main appeal day, for the very first time, the campaign ran with a £30 tariff. This alongside the use of emotive audio and captive radio contributed to 14% of the total value of all donations.

Gift Aid is an important part of the donation journey, as for every £1 donated the government adds 25p to the donation, at no extra cost to the donor. After each mobile donation, if Gift Aid hadn’t already been added, a text message was sent to the donor. Simple language changes were made in the text message and Gift Aid conversions increased by 10%. The message was more explicit on the Gift Aid amounts available to claim. Previously the messages had focussed on the benefits of giving Gift Aid.


Avg Donation Value +39% YoY

Total SMS contribution +58% YoY

Pubcast Delayed Donation 88% donation conversion rate

Gift aid claims up 10%

Overall, a massive £4.1m raised for Make Some Noise’s Charities