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At ECOMMPAY, providing clients with bespoke, scalable payment solutions is at the core of what we do. Fonix has proven to be a reliable, innovative, and flexible partner, having created a streamlined and seamless carrier solution for us to offer to clients.

Paul Marcantonio,
Head of UK & Western Europe at ECOMMPAY

ECOMMPAY taps into payments powered by Fonix

ECOMMPAY is a global payment service provider that assembles multiple payment methods and technologies into bespoke solutions that companies can use to offer customers on their website a seamless payment experience. ECOMMPAY’s gateway enables merchants to connect over 100 payment options, some of which would’ve been otherwise inaccessible to them, facilitating expansion and increased conversion.

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Offering consumers the possibility of paying with their preferred payment methods can require that companies invest considerable time, resources, and money into integrating each payment individually. ECOMMPAY is therefore focussed on continuously expanding the portfolio of payment options available to eCommerce clients within its payment gateway, ensuring that the most relevant methods can be integrated quickly and securely. To increase audience reach on behalf of clients, ECOMMPAY wanted to be able to offer instantaneous payments through mobile carrier billing as an additional method.

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Online merchants need to be able to adeptly manage the most popular mobile payment methods for their varied customer base. Integrating Fonix’s carrier billing solution meant that ECOMMPAY could offer more options to their merchants, allowing businesses to turn on carrier billing with the flick of a switch.

Preserving the frictionless payment experience that ECOMMPAY is known for, the implementation of carrier billing equipped merchants with an additional avenue through which to collect consumer payments.Carrier billing often converts consumers that are not using traditional payment methods, either because they find them time-consuming and inconvenient or do not have immediate access to them. By presenting an alternative payment method, carrier billing can prevent shopping cart abandonment.

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Increased selection of alternative payment methods

Expanded audience reach

Improved user experience

Reduced shopping cart abandonment