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Mobile is such an important channel for maximising donations, helping us to raise as much money as possible to support disadvantaged children and young people around the UK. Donating by text is a quick and simple way for people to help change young lives. We’re grateful to Fonix for enabling this and to all of our generous supporters whose donations will go on to make such a difference.

Karen Bass,
Chief Operating Officer for BBC Children in Need

Fonix powers mobile donations for BBC Children in Need, raising £12.9 million text-to-donate

BBC Children in Need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity. It has the vision of ensuring that every child in the UK is safe, happy and secure, giving them the chance to reach their full potential.

The BBC Children in Need Appeal Night takes place every year in November and its mobile payments have been powered by Fonix since 2014.

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BBC Children in Need wanted a way to ensure that they were raising as much money as possible to help make a difference to young lives.

Mobile has proven itself to be a fantastic mechanic. The previous BBC Children in Need 2017 campaign featured price points of £5, £10 and £20 and the results suggested that the public were willing to give more to charity via mobile.

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Once again, for this year Fonix provided Children in Need 2018 with an SMS billing mechanic for mobile donations. This meant that the public were able to donate to the charity via their mobile phones, simply by sending a one-word SMS to the charity.

This year, donors had a choice of four price points: £5, £10, £20 and for the first time ever, £30. This was rolled out for the Children in Need Rocks concert, as well as for the live annual Appeal Show on 16th November.

As well as acting as the donation collection mechanic to the end user, the message sent by a donor was also used to provide the Gift Aid declaration code which is unique to each specific user.

Gift Aid is an important part of the donation journey, as for every £1 donated the government adds 25p to the donation, at no extra cost to the donor. Therefore, Fonix worked with BBC Children in Need to make this process as simple as possible and maximise the amount of Gift Aid added.

When clicking on the link, the consumer would arrive at a declaration landing page where they needed to confirm details such as being a UK taxpayer. Fonix also created a website journey to provide HMRC with evidence for the claim for the campaign.



in mobile

£12.9 million was processed in mobile donations

£30 price point alone contributing to 20% of the overall amount raised via text-to-donate

easy to use and trust, public are willing to give more in this way