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No one knows the broadcast market better than Fonix. Our audiences expect the best from Bauer, so naturally we chose to work with the best supplier in this space. The products that Fonix has presented Bauer with enable us to provide listeners with a great experience when engaging with their favourite radio shows.

Joanne Baldwin,
Managing Director at Bauer Media, Radio Enterprise, Bauer Media Group.

Media powerhouse Bauer works with Fonix to drive competition revenue.

Bauer Media Group is one of the largest privately-owned media organisations in the world. Bauer Media Group reaches 200 million listeners across 13 countries and over 25 million people in the UK. Bauer operates prestigious radio stations and magazines like: Kiss, Absolute Radio, Planet Rock, Magic Radio, Grazia, Closer and Heat magazine in the UK.

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One of Bauer’s main goals is to generate revenue from competitions whilst engaging with their audience. They needed a robust and reliable solution to process high volumes of payments and a platform for listeners to interact with their favourite media brands.

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The interactive team at Bauer is responsible for all text activities between listeners, readers and brands. Fonix’s platform was chosen to support this due to its capability of managing live audience engagement via SMS and social media, coupled with Fonix’s strong data analytics. Fonix is able to give Bauer important insights that are vital to increase response and engagement success rates.

Bauer manages all its messaging campaigns through Fonix’s Campaign Manager; the platform allows Bauer to have complete control so they can manage competitions from start to finish. Bauer uses a variety of CRM techniques to maximise the number of entries in any given campaign. The reporting features enable the campaigns to be monitored easily, maximising profitability and growth.

Fonix’s Winner Picker imports text, postal, online and IVR competition entries and will quickly select a winner so this can be announced on air immediately. The platform ensures that winners are picked randomly, making the whole process transparent, compliant and efficient.

When it comes to audience interaction, listeners can text into the studio and this information feeds into the Fonix Live Page. The Live Page is crucial for radio DJ’s and Producer’s to filter, stay organised and manage large amounts of information they receive during their live shows - essentially enabling them to make attention-grabbing announcements, live on air, as quickly as possible.

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Significant double-digit percentage growth year-on-year


Increased audience engagement and retention

Confidence in a new platform

Enables Bauer to launch new competition formats to create captivating radio